Medical Ear Piercing

Waiola Direct Care offers Blomdahl medical ear piercing. Blomdahl's unique method makes it simple, quick, and safe to have your ears pierced. Please contact us to schedule.

We only use genuine medical grade Blomdahl products.

What makes Blomdahl better?

1 out of 4 people develop a nickle allergy with their first piercing. Blomdahl uses high grade medical plastic and surgical titanium to virtually eliminate that risk.

The Blomdahl method uses only sterile products to minimize infection risk

Blomdahl studs are designed to maximize the airflow and space around the piercing to allow for rapid healing and reduce infection risk. 

Blomdahl piercings can ONLY be performed by trained medical professionals

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$100 + Hawaii GE Tax

*Includes pre visit counseling, procedure, studs, and post procedure care instructions

Please contact us to schedule.

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